Painting (Wikipedia) of Paolo Freire sitting outdoors at a farm on a blanket with books, adult students and farmers by Luiz Carlos Cappellano

Marquise can hold space. You know when Marquise is in the classroom. Not because he is fidgeting or cracking jokes or doing any of the fireworks that 15 yr old male students do. Marquise can hold space. Every time I think about my classroom, I think about Marquise. He is…

a poem

He left.
It hurt too much
Or was too much.
Mom was dying and he drove to Chicago to deliver a boat.
Broken now, I want to stay that way.
Nurses look like it would destroy them if they took it all in.
That makes sense to me.

steve wright

The protocols of neighborliness are in contestation with the protocols of purity and the most important question we can ask ourselves is “Who is my neighbor?”

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